Laravel package


If you are running Laravel or Lumen app, Fluent offers a great way to manage your translations.

Forget about text files and keys!


It's easy to install our package using Composer:

$ composer require menarasolutions/fluent-laravel

Or you can get the latest release directly from package's GitHub page.

Add our service provider to config/app.php:

    'providers' => [
        /// ...
        /// ...

It's important to note that under no circumstances our package will modify any of your files. Our Laravel package will create a new folders where Fluent translations will be stored. You can turn off and on our package any time without any risk.


Frequently asked questions


There is a fixed price of 5 USD per application.

Moreover, if you are not translating your application yourself, you will need to top-up your account to cover translation costs. We only provide real (human) professional translations at 16 cents per word.